Industrial Design


Our industrial design services balance aesthetics with form, fit, and function.

Complete Industrial Design Capabilities
  • Focused Brainstorming
  • Concept Development
  • Design Language Definition
  • Aesthetics
  • Brand Packaging Design
  • Color, Materials, and Finish
  • Human Factors
  • Use Cases

The Creative Art Form in Product Development

Industrial design—the creative art form in product development—can help you attain this goal. Nectar’s industrial design services enable you to explore the artistic aspects of a product concept to discover the features and nuances that connect with customers. If you are looking for an award-winning Industrial Design company with decades of experience, look no further.

We can then optimize industrial design concepts for manufacturability, performance, and usage. Every manufacturer wants its product to elicit an emotional response from the customer, to establish a real connection that builds brand loyalty and drives sales.


Innovative Designs

By concentrating on design aesthetics and imbuing style, novelty, and ingenuity into a product, Nectar industrial designers blend form, fit, and function into distinctive, innovative designs. We integrate human factors, usability, and design configurations to achieve the optimal user experience.

Our designers take inspiration from research findings about product usage and end users to develop concept sketches, 2D layouts, 3D models, paper/foam mockups, and rapid prototypes. While complete freedom at the industrial design stage is vital to realizing innovation, we strive to pragmatically refine initial concepts into engineered, manufacturable products—fully aware that the most elegant design concept is of no real value to our clients if they cannot manufacture it cost-effectively and sell it at a profit.