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Medical device & software development: supported by industry experts.

Nectar’s full-service team combines Design Thinking & Human Factors Engineering to help you design, develop, & manufacture your medical devices and software. Not only do we help simplify the process, we help create products that are remarkably innovative, highly effective, & that follow FDA guidance.

Taking the journey alone can be confounding.

Designing your medical device and software is one thing, but bringing it to market – is another. From FDA approval to complex processes, assembling a team of experts who are as good at their jobs as you are at yours is an imperative.

Your guide to a better tomorrow.

Here at Nectar we work in synergy with our clients to build products that users love. With decades of successful partnerships with innovative companies, Nectar does more than support you with the challenges you face. We help you solve them.


Regulatory Strategy


HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Applications


Embedded Platforms & Solutions


Device Manufacturing


User Trials


Human Factors Engineering


UI/UX Design


Design Transfer

Let’s build the future of digital health.

Nectar can help you gain a competitive advantage with our phase-gated approach to product development, which is designed to bring your digital health device from conception to product.

We combine User Experience Design and Human Factors Engineering to create devices that are truly remarkable. Our hardware and software teams have a profound understanding of SaMD, IEC62304, and the software lifecycle.

ISO-Certified.HIPAA-compliant. Quality-assured.

Our team specializes in design controls, risk management, and usability and FDA approval. This is facilitated by our ISO 13485 Certified Quality Management System, where we extensively document and track risks and design controls through the process.

Designing a cloud-based product? No problem, we’ll be there from start to finish to ensure your product is HIPAA-compliant.

Innovative products require an innovative approach.

Designing a product can be complex and time consuming. This may seem daunting – but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Nectar is here to simplify the process; your one-stop solution.

Our full-service team have years of expertise, enabling us to take you from napkin sketch to product rollout. Nectar combines design thinking with FDA principles of human factors engineering and usability, helping provide solutions that are innovative, safe, and effective.

We’re here to help you make history.

The Covid-19 health crisis was a time of uncertainty and instability for most – but not for Nectar. We partnered with Breath  Direct and brought a ventilator to the market much sooner than many thought possible. Our team successfully overcame the challenges posed by remote working, regulatory complexities, and extreme supply chain shortages to secure FDA approval in just 10 months.

This isn’t all Nectar does. Read about similar case studies here.

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