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Our dedicated industrial design team brings creativity and expertise to the forefront, transforming concepts into visually striking and functional designs. We emphasize prototyping to bring ideas to life in tangible forms, enabling us to refine and perfect the design before production. Additionally, our human factors evaluations ensure that the final product offers an exceptional user experience that aligns with ergonomic and usability standards.

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We are driven by creating quality devices that people love

At Nectar, we are a creative group of people who want to design products FOR people. As big believers in sustainability and ethics, our passion for bettering the world drives us. We will work with you to help create the perfect medical device that is safe, will stand out against competitors, flourish in the market, and most importantly – improve people’s lives. Because when clients are happy, we are happy.

See your product come alive with our comprehensive Prototyping process

Within the medical device design process, prototyping is an important step. It produces tangible, functional samples and material specifications that can be used in product testing. This will inform risk analysis and enable critical design changes before commencement of large-scale production distribution.

We have the facilities to aid the prototype production process. We’ve been designing, testing, and commercializing innovative medical devices for over 30 years.

We are leaders in Human Factors Design

Our user centered design process helps keep the focus on all possible end users. Human factors is critical to designing for real people. This involves applying our knowledge about human behavior, abilities, limitations, and characteristics of the end users to the design of the device. This can include physical and digital interactions with a product. Human factors research and testing is a key component to Nectar’s proven design strategy and expertise.

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Softgood Design
is an integral aspect of medical devices

Softgood design is a critical part of product development in the medical industry. Wearable devices are becoming increasingly more commonplace in hospitals and clinical settings. We have the capabilities in-house to create prototypes from a wide variety of materials. We also maintains relationships with top notch material suppliers to ensure that we’re staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

Some medical devices may come into contact with skin. In the interest of patient safety, these products must be certified as biocompatibile, which ensures clients will not encounter any harm when they use these products. Nectar assess the biocompatibility of different materials by conducting in-depth testing, identifying any potential adverse reactions resulting from contact of the medical device with the body and whether these associated risks are acceptable. We place the end-users at the forefront of this process, creating safe devices that they love and trust in.

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