Nectar Product Development


Smardii Smart Diaper

Background and Challenges

Smardii is the first-of-its-kind connected smart diaper for babies, and brief for adults. Safe, economical, and easy to use, Smardii instantly detects wetness and soiling. It reads body temperature, location and positioning (prevention of SIDS and falls) and runs real-time urine analysis helping detect illnesses such as UTIs. Smardii’s innovative technology offers efficient monitoring and reassurance for parents and for caregivers whether in daycares, hospitals, or at home.


The Smardii Nursing Station and Smardii Analytics

A unique platform using proprietary algorithms allowing caregivers to remotely monitor in real-time the health conditions and well-being of their patients and residents. Combined with the Smardii Analytics, elder care facilities can also track operational performance and flag potential issues before they lead to something more serious.



Unveiling at CES