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LSTAT Lite system

LSTAT Lite system

Background and Challenges

Integrated Medical Systems, Inc., (IMS) a medical technology systems integrator that is transforming the effectiveness of critical care, tasked Nectar with developing a portable life support system for improving the treatment and transport of patients who have sustained injuries related to a major trauma and an effective user interface for operating the unit efficiently.

LSTAT Lite system

“Suitcase” Intensive Care Unit Advances Trauma Treatment and Transport

Known as a “suitcase” intensive care unit (ICU), the Life Support for Trauma and Transport (LSTAT) system needed to integrate critical patient monitoring and lift support systems within a compact, portable unit that folds down to the size of a suitcase.

Integrating Multiple Medical Devices/Equipment in a Portable Unit


All-in-One Life Support Solution for Trauma and Transport

Nectar designed and engineered the LSTAT Lite system as an all-in-one life support solution for trauma treatment and transport by incorporating the capabilities of a hospital ICU suite within a portable, mobile system. Critical care capabilities that have been incorporated in the LSTAT Lite system include ventilation, oxygen delivery, fluid/drug infusion, suction, defibrillation, physiological monitoring, blood chemistry analysis, data logging, communications, power, and data management systems. First responders can use the LSTAT Lite system to treat and transport trauma patients.