Clearmesh Idealab CM 300 | Nectar

Clear Mesh Networks Inc.

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Background & Challenges

ClearMesh Networks, Inc., developed a fiber-grade wireless mesh broadband networking system for metropolitan areas as a more cost-effective alternative to laying hard fiber to carry high-quality voice, data, and video services. The company, with support from Idealab, a multibillion-dollar technology incubator, tasked Nectar with designing the optical nodes, upon which the system operates.

Outdoor Network Node Mounting Challenges

The ClearMesh CM 300 nodes provide citywide broadband coverage to support first responder, video surveillance, transportation, and business community applications. It is an essential component that establishes a citywide wireless network. Designing the node presented Nectar with several challenges, including configuring the optical head for outdoor mounting on roofs, poles, and walls; for accurate aiming to and from connected nodes in the mesh; and for residence to widely varying environmental conditions. In addition to overcoming these challenges, Nectar had to create a design that could be easily assembled and manufactured at low cost.

Outdoor Network Node Mounting Challenges