Nectar Product Development


A revolutionary folding treadmill that takes up 95% less space. Foot massaging belts and premium look also make the design stand out from treadmills on the market. Nectar took this product from a concept sketch to a functional prototype ready for manufacturing.


Background and Challenges

Conventional treadmills typically occupy significant space and are difficult to relocate. In an effort to revolutionize the industry, Cardiobyu enlisted the expertise of Nectar to transform their vision into a tangible product. This involved meticulous attention to detail and seamless integration of electronic and mechanical components. Establishing the user experience of a innovative product that is intuitive to users was also key to the projects success.

Services provided: Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, human factors evaluations, industrial design, firmware/software, user interface design


Extensive engineering

There were numerous mechanical challenges to solve that took multiple iteration to get right. some key challenges were transferring power to a split belt system, making the folding mechanism robust, and ensuring the treadmill was strong yet lightweight. Nectar’s mechanical engineering team tackled these problems and more to deliver an exceptional product.

Details make the difference