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Smardii Smart Diaper Puck


The American population is aging rapidly, and current healthcare resources can’t keep up. By 2022 there will be a shortage of 1 million elder care nursing specialists, by 2030 all baby boomers will be over 65, and millions of them will require nursing home care or remote monitoring while at home. Staffing issues, increased patient wait times, neglect, and nursing home and hospital costs also increases the chance of a minor incident turning into major medical issues such as infection, skin breakdown, pressure ulcers, and falls. More than one in four older Americans fall each year leading to over 800,000 hospitalizations, costing $50 to $70 billion and resulting in one death every 16 minutes. And, the cost to treat UTIs, the second most common form of infection in elderly patients, costs an estimated $1.6 billion dollars annually.

Smardii, a connected SmartBrief can help prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency visits by connecting real-time health information and sharing it instantaneously with caregivers and family members. It can alert the staff when a patient’s brief or diaper is wet or soiled, monitor for abnormal body movement., abnormalities in the urine temperature changes, and more. 

The Bluetooth enabled smarty puck attaches to a disposable adult brief or diaper with built in sensors that detect conditions and provides alerts instantaneously. Simply disconnect the puck, throw away the old diaper and reattach the new diaper. It’s as simple as that. 50% of adults over 60 suffer from incontinence and many will need greets or pads for the rest of their lives. Too often they do not receive timely changes which can lead to skin breakdown. 

Smardii gives caregivers the information they need to prevent bed sores by sending out a wet brief alert, tracking movement to see if a patient has been in the same position too long or is about to fall, and sensing indicators of dehydration. Overall, Smardii improves operations and efficiencies at medical facilities, mitigates risks associated with running an elder care business, automates mandatory checks, and most importantly improves the lives of patients, residents, and medical staff. Smardii is a powerful and affordable health screening tool that keeps patients safer, caregivers and family informed, and medical costs down. 

In addition to improving elder care, Smardii is great for families with a new baby at home letting you know as soon as your little one needs to be changed, giving you peace of mind while they are asleep in their crib, and informing parents of any medical condition that needs a pediatrician’s attention, whether the child is at home or at daycare. With Smardii, you can feel secure knowing your loved ones are getting the care they need as soon as they need it. Connecting families, patients and professionals, Smardii is smart care.

Nectar worked closely with the Smardii team to develop the Smart Diaper. Our team provided research and development (R&D) solutions, crafted a regulatory strategy, full product development plan, and path to market, and developed a functioning prototype for the 2020 CES show in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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