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Nectar Sponsors 2nd Annual Med Tech Monday

For the second year in a row, Nectar Product Development sponsored Med Tech Monday in Irvine on August 7th, 2017. This year’s Med Tech Monday attracted start-ups and established businesses, growing the attendance substantially. The medical device conference featured industry expert speakers, lectures on business navigation, and product pitches from start-up companies. The diverse audience spent the day discussing the medical industry and networking with professionals from both big and small companies. Nectar had a sponsored table as well as two speaking engagements for the team leaders. Nectar Product Development stood out in the crowd of medical professionals thanks to their team.

Shannon McElfresh, Director of Operations – Women in Med Tech Panel

The day started out with presentations from various professionals speaking about medical device problems and solutions. After lunch and networking, Nectar’s Director of Operations, Shannon McElfresh, was featured on the Women in Med Tech Panel. She was interviewed about her success in business, how she overcame gender inequality in her career, and what it’s like to manage a new generation. Shannon mentioned the eagerness of her team and how she delegates work amongst a diverse team.  Her insight fostered conversation about the future of managing teams and how Nectar has a unique approach to teamwork.

Darren Saravis, CEO – Solving Problems in Medical Device Design

As Med Tech Monday proceeded, topics pivoted to teamwork and workflows of medical device design. Darren Saravis, Nectar’s CEO, gave a presentation on Solving Problems in Medical Device Design. He highlighted the ecosystem of products that are designed to intertwine user experiences between devices. The evolution of products to smart devices has created an improved user experiences for clinicians and patients, and increased quality of care and patient outcomes. Darren wrapped the day up with how he drives a team to work creatively and effectively.


Med Tech Monday 2017 presented opportunities for Nectar. The busy conference provided a common ground to share information and build long term relationships with established companies and start-ups. Nectar’s representatives provided information and created relationships at the sponsored table, while the executives where featured in thought leadership talks. Shannon, Director of Operations, discussed what she overcame as a woman in business. She cultivated a conversation around managing a new generation in the workforce and how she motivates them. Darren Saravis, CEO of Nectar, ended the day with a presentation on how he motivates a team to solve problems in medical design. His talk stimulated the audience to ask themselves what the best practices are for leading creative and effective teams. Med Tech Monday grew substantially this year and Nectar was proud to be a sponsor.

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