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Nectar Receives Three GOOD DESIGN Awards

December 2011 — From a field of thousands of international submissions, Nectar has received three highly prestigious 2011 GOOD DESIGN awards. The awards were given for the company’s design of MD HH–Handheld Essentials Plus and MD Wand–Reach Essentials Plus garden water sprayers, and PRO Sprinkler–Water Station Essentials Pro sprinkler for Tempe, AZ manufacturer Bluemark.

The sleek, modern designs Nectar created for Bluemark’s line of water-conserving garden tools were recognized by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies in their annual GOOD DESIGN awards presentation, the world’s largest competition of its kind.

For the past 62 years, the GOOD DESIGN awards have recognized the outstanding work of industrial designers, architects, manufacturers and corporations for “advancing new, visionary, and innovative product concepts, invention and originality, and for stretching the envelope beyond what is considered ordinary product and consumer design.””

Nectar’s designs for the Essentials line were honored in the household product category by a jury of distinguished experts.

To see the HH–Handheld Essentials Plus, MD Wand–Reach Essentials Plus and PRO Sprinkler–Water Station Essentials Pro, visit http://www.chi-athenaeum.org/gdesign/2011/household/index.html 

For more on the GOOD DESIGN awards, visit: http://www.chi-athenaeum.org/gdesign

Nectar is an award-winning design & engineering consultancy with a specialization in medical device development. We are proudly 13485 certified, we adhere to the highest industry standards. Nectar has been an industry leader in Southern California for over 25 years. Our proven user-centered design process has facilitated the successful launch of hundreds of products in the market.

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