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Nectar helps fitness entrepreneur develop first of its kind-folding treadmill

Long Beach, California – October 20, 2017 – Nectar Product Development helps fitness entrepreneur develop a first of its kind, light weight, folding treadmill.

U-Treadmill, the first light-weight folding cardio machine, is about to take the fitness world by storm. The treadmill was invented by fitness guru, JohnPaul Munar, and developed by Nectar Product Development.

Entrepreneur and inventor, JohnPaul Munar, has spent the last decade dedicated to providing more efficient workouts. His folding treadmill was designed to be both an effective workout and a space saver. He sought out Nectar for their diverse expertise in product development. Their common interest in health and wellness helped craft an intuitive treadmill experience for users. Together they developed a groundbreaking cardio machine.

The U is motorized and 4 times lighter than a traditional treadmill. Weighing only 50 pounds, the U can fold, roll, and be stored easily. It has a 14% incline and can run at a speed of 8 miles per hour. The U includes a display screen to track speed, distance, and calories burned. It can hold up to a 250-pound user and provides ultimate comfort. The conveyor belt has built in massaging beads, so shoes are optional. Also containing a Bluetooth speaker and phone/drink holder, the U is a unique, user friendly treadmill that you can take on the go.

“I designed U to be the ultimate space saving treadmill on the planet.” JohnPaul Munar enthusiastically declared.

Nectar Product Development brought JohnPaul’s cardio concept to life. Nectar developed the U from concept through prototyping, which allowed it to get to customers faster. With a prototype in hand, JohnPaul has the momentum he needs to launch the U.

Learn more at:   CardioByU.com

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