Nectar Product Development

Consumer Torq User Interface

Consumer Torq User Interface

Background and Challenges

Leading audio equipment manufacturer M-Audio needed a user interface to support its M-Audio Torq Xponent USB MIDI DJ Controller, which allows professional DJs to cue, mix, and mash up digital audio files from a single unit. So, the company turned to the same product development consultancy that designed the Torq Xponent hardware, engaging Nectar to create a user interface that would support the next evolutionary step in digital DJ production.


Building an Interface that DJs Like

In order to build a digital production user interface that DJs embrace, Nectar had to thoroughly assess DJ needs against Torq hardware capabilities. What tools and techniques do DJs frequently use in both Mac OS and Windows computing environments? How do manual and dynamic on-screen controls contribute to the free-flowing vibe that all successful DJs have? How should tools, controls, and features be arranged for access in a manner that seems natural and familiar.


Load, Cue, Mix, and Access

After conducting extensive research into how producers, musicians, and DJs manage and use digital audio files, Nectar developed a layout for the user interface that is familiar, efficient, and eye-catching. DJs need to be able to quickly search digital audio databases; rapidly access tracks and playlists; and cue and load selections with a great deal of agility, flexibility, and dexterity. While the Torq Xponent USB MIDI DJ Controller runs hardware operations in the background, the true magic of the system rests in the innovative, intuitive interface between DJ and digital audio.