We’ve brought together the best possible team in order to deliver you with the best possible outcomes.

We specialize in medical device development, industrial equipment, and connected devices (IoT) development. With an emphasis in medicine, energy, and food, we seek out projects that align with our pursuit of a greater good.

The Nectar team is passionate about bringing together resources and expertise in intentional ways to maximize impact. When we collaborate with you, we are experts working with experts. And when your product is out there helping people or saving our planet, so is our work.


We Achieve Progress By Combining:


Technology that is properly designed and applied holds solutions the world needs.

Innovation that is empowered with passion can save lives and improve quality of life.

Innovative thinking has the boldness to question the familiar.


Humans are infinite and need a balance of work and rest to thrive.

Technical and creative skills in balance yield beautiful and original products.

A multi-disciplinary approach ensures a well-rounded workforce and capacity to innovate.


We will not just refrain from harmful practices; we will actively pursue good.

Doing good for the human race and our planet is a fundamental responsibility.

The future matters now. The way we live and choices we make should honor humanity and future generations.


Innovation Rarely Happens in Isolation

This is where you and Nectar come together for the greater good. We believe that:

Collaboration creates forward momentum for progress.
Collaboration empowers the actualization of solutions.
Collaboration is at the heart of a balanced and deployable outcome.

When your vision combines with our skill, synergy is ignited.

Meet Our Team

These are the talented folks who are ready to set you up for success by taking your creation from an idea, to a tangible product ready for distribution.

Darren Saravis


Steven Wells, PhD

Director of Operations

Larry Larson

Director of Hardware and Firmware Engineering

Allison LeCompte

Business Development

Belén Quintero

Accounting & Operations Assistant

James Wilkin

Industrial Design Manager

Philip Chiu

Mechanical Engineer

Nellie Roque

Accounting Director

Steven Tan

Associate Electrical Engineer

John Duval

Principal Engineer

Victor Ramos

Industrial Designer

Brayton Hammerli

Industrial Design Intern

Kerry Eiss

Clinical Expert

Nectar PD is a vast team of amazing humans operating around the globe.

We strive to cultivate potential leaders who are prepared to partner with you to explore innovative ideas and create new solutions.

This is who Nectar PD is. It’s what we do. Our team is here to bring together resources and expertise in an intentional way, all so that you can make a bigger impact. We’re here to make the world a better place, with you as our partner.


Want to work with us?

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