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Wyatt Products

Wyatt Products

Background and Challenges

Nectar was tasked with re-envisioning a brand identity and determining the best approach for evolving Wyatt’s product portfolio. Wyatt Technology has produced a series of scientific instruments that are very successful from a functional standpoint, but needed to be upgraded to better meet their brand values and offer a better customer experience. Nectar determined and prioritized the user’s needs, defined the creative strategy that allowed Wyatt to launch a new product series, and provided Wyatt with the opportunity to expand the product line in the future.


Getting into the mind of a scientist

Wyatt products are known as the most advanced light scattering instruments in the world. Nectar’s greatest task was to communicate this message through a physical product and through a user Interface. Nectar needed to know who, where, and how these instruments are being used. Understanding the environments and circumstances that these products are being interacted with was key. Nectar learned about how the devices are used, what the biggest issues are, and what customers love and hate.Nectar synthesized the data and created concepts to best-meet the findings from the contextual research.


Wyatt Products technology

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