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Background and Challenges

Realizing that the basic stick-style razor design suffers from the same limitations that it’s had since its inception, Rolling Razor, Inc., commissioned Nectar to design and engineer a completely new razor concept to provide users with superior control and maneuverability. By having Nectar create the better-performing razor that bears the Rolling Razor name, the company sought to make the first substantive breakthrough in razor design in more than a century.

Innovating a Razor that Rolls Over Your Skin- Eliminating Cuts, Nicks, and Irriatation

The true test of an improved razor design would be how easy it would make following the body’s natural contours to access specific areas that are traditionally difficult to reach with a stick razor. In order to eliminate the cuts, nicks, and skin irritation that stick razors cause because the user has to exert undue pressure on the skin to get a close shave, the new razor design needed to maintain close contact with the skin without requiring excessive pressure.

Innovating a Razor that Rolls Over Your Skin- Eliminating Cuts, Nicks, and Irriatation

Multi-Directional Shaving Head with Ring-Shaped Handle

Nectar developed the innovative Rolling Razor design, which incorporates a ring-shaped handle with a multi-directional shaving head that uses double-headed, triple convex cartridges. The unique Rolling Razor design allows the blades to remain in close contact with the skin—whether the user is shaving a flat or a curved area—with a minimum of effort.


In addition to creating the unique Rolling Razor base design, Nectar conducted field research, human factor studies, and competitive analysis; handled prototyping, mechanical layouts, and testing; and coordinated production-ready CAD drawings, cost estimating, and packaging.

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Production Ready CAD

Rolling Razor

A Shaver for the 21st Century

The Rolling Razor is a true 21st century design innovation. Shaving with the Rolling Razor becomes a quick, easy, and enjoyable experience for a broad range of groups of all ages.

Since Nectar created the original Rolling Razor design concept, the company has leveraged the design to offer a variety of styles and colors for both men and women. In addition to the innovative handle, the Rolling Razor allows users to customize their shaving experience with a range of cartridges to meet their individual needs, including regular, sensitive skin, and bump prevention cartridges.