Medical Device Product Development Companies in USA

Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, User Experience (UX/UI), Firmware & Software, Medical

Background and Challenges
Cubex came to Nectar because they wanted to improve asset tracking in medical facilities. Cubex needed a low power, low cost, small form factor with an E-ink display that would display critical information. Easy readability was critical, and the device needed to last several years on two coin cell batteries.

A Simplified inventory method

The Q-bud is an Electronic inventory tag to identify content and remaining inventory count for loose and/or large items. It is an add-on for the entire Cubex inventory management ecosystem (auto dispensing cabinets and software). The Q-bud has an LED which illuminates to help users locate items in the storage room. The buttons and the display allow users to indicate how many of an item were taken or returned, and enter a new count when doing inventory or restocking. The device has low-power wireless two-way communication with a cloud-based inventory management system. The device has a mount for attaching to common storage bins, or for attachment to various surfaces.

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