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Shining a Light on High-Speed Photography

Luminys Systems Corp. is a leading manufacturer of high-intensity lighting systems for precise, quality imaging, including products for motion picture and television production, live events, entertainment venues, high-speed testing applications, and other industrial and professional uses. Luminys tasked Nectar with developing an advanced lighting system fixture that would address lighting needs associated with high-speed photography used at test facilities and for other applications.

150,000-watt Output and Flicker-Free

The new lighting system fixture had to resolve the common problems related to the amount and quality of light required to shoot high-speed photography. Each fixture had to accommodate high-intensity lights of up to 150,000 watts and eliminate flickers at high speeds.

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Optimized Lighting for High-Speed Imaging

Development of the SunSource Lighting System adds an important solution to the Luminys product offering. The 30-amp, 150,000-watt high-speed lighting system operates at both extremely cold and hot temperatures, reflects light around a subject for capturing fine details, and is flicker-free up to 1 million frames per second. Not only does the SunSource Lighting System advance the quality of high-speed photography in test facilities, such as those used for crash testing, it also provides portable units for optimal lighting and improved imaging in any high-speed application.

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Integrating Lighting with Reflector System

Nectar developed all aspects of the SunSource™ Lighting System, which increases available light and depth of field to enable improved imaging in any high-speed application. An important Nectar contribution was the integration of the fixture with a new proprietary reflector system to soften the light so that it wraps around objects, fills in shadows, and decreases hot spots. Nectar also innovated a mobile ground unit fixture, which is used to position individual lighting units around a subject, as well as a convenient battery storage system for use with the SunSource Lighting System.