Intelligent Water Filter


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Background and Challenges

In pursuit of its mission to improve the world—one glass of water and one person at a time—Multipure Drinking Water Systems turned to Nectar Product Development to innovate the world’s first intelligent water filtration system.

Innovating an Intelligent Water Filtration System

As an industry leader in providing the best drinking water systems in the world, Multipure needed a product development partner who could help turn the market for conventional, manual drinking water filtering systems on its head and take advantage of the trend toward smart appliances by introducing the industry’s first Internet-connected intelligent drinking water filtering system. Multipure chose Nectar to develop its smart water filtering system because of the firm’s unique strengths in combining human factors expertise, effective electro-mechanical solutions, and elegant brand-consistent industrial designs.

Innovating an Intelligent Water Filtration System

Developing an Ergonomic, Easy-to-Use, Countertop Enclosure

Nectar analyzed all of the requirements for the intelligent water filtering system to innovate a unique, battery-operated countertop enclosure design. The system had to meet mechanical requirements, such as maintaining high pressure inside the filter. The design had to look good enough that users would want to put it on their kitchen countertop. Changing the filter had to be so easy that users could do it with just one hand.

Developing an Ergonomic, Easy-to-Use, Countertop Enclosure

A Drinking Water Filtering System that Tells You when to Change the Filter

Nectar delivered a next-generation, intelligent water filtration system that tells owners when to change the filter. Leveraging RFID and flow-rate sensor technologies, the smart water filter system alerts users that they’ll soon need to change the filter and that it has reached capacity.


These alerts are communicated both audibly and visually. With the help of Nectar, Multipure is bringing the Internet of things to the kitchen sink and furthering its mission of and improving the world—one glass of water and one person at a time.