KVM SOHO Switch - Nectar Product Development


Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Consumer

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Background and Challenges

Business-critical printing solution leader Printronix engaged Nectar to develop and apply a new brand design language across its line matrix and thermal printer offerings in order to unify and strengthen the company’s combined brand identity.

Making Home Digital Device Connectivity a Snap

The company wanted the switch to help customers connect multiple personal computers to a single keyboard, video display monitor, mouse, and set of speakers to support use of all of these devices from all connected, networked computers. Nectar faced substantial challenges during development of the Belkin SOHO KVM Switch. The switch had to accommodate both Mac- and Windows-based personal computing platforms, while providing users with the ability to simultaneously access audio and video content from up to four separate networked computers. Another important design requirement was to make installation of the switch—in terms of both wiring and software—as easy and hassle-free as possible to further enhance the overall user experience.

Making Home Digital Device Connectivity a Snap