Integrated Endodontic System UI


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Background and Challenges

As a result of its extensive experience working with recognized leaders in the dental and endodontic field, Nectar undertook the challenge of developing a better user interface for a range of dental diagnostic, treatment, and procedural applications. The goal of this blue-sky, conceptual project was to create an intuitive user interface that can be leveraged for a host of dental technologies and systems.

Giving Dental Surgeons a Better User Interface

The overarching challenge of the project was to address all of the common tasks and informational needs of dental surgeons by presenting comprehensive information in an easy-to-use tablet interface that can be integrated with modular dental and endodontic systems. The interface had to address all of the typical procedures performed by dental surgeons, including diagnostics, filling, obturation, ultrasonics, and cleaning.

Giving Dental Surgeons a Better User Interface
Creating an Easy-to-Navigate Comprehensive User Interface

Creating an Easy-to-Navigate Comprehensive User Interface

Nectar analyzed all of the relevant information that dental surgeons need in order to map them to specific functionalities, including overlapping commonalities. The team created an easy-to-navigate dashboard interface that encompasses a consistent menu architecture and screen layout, so dental surgeons and endodontists can take advantage of a single aesthetic design, and look and feel, regardless of the specific procedure being performed.

Improved User Experience Helps Dental Surgeons Deliver Quality Care

The Nectar user interface can help dental surgeons consistently deliver high-quality care by streamlining workflows and improving usability. Key statistics, such as ultrasonic thickness measurements, obturation gun temperature, and RPM or torque of motorized instruments, are graphically presented, improving readability. The modular interface can easily be applied to a range of new dental and endodontic systems and provides dental surgeons and endodontists with a vastly improved user experience.


In addition to its application to new dental technologies, the user interface provides an effective learning tool for dental professionals, including step-by-step guidelines and instructional videos for important procedures. Other capabilities include the ability to record a procedure, review user instructions in real time, and access patient data and records.

Improved User Experience

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