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Our core philosophy is underpinned by a Design-Centered approach

We work with you to maintain a user-centered focus throughout the design and development process to ensure that all key stakeholders are accounted for, and that any features or functions are properly vetted by the people who will ultimately use them. Nectar integrates key elements of the Design Thinking philosophy into our processes. We minimize potential user error, focus on user interface, and ensure our designs are safe and effective for the intended users. We also incorporate the users’ input into our design by engaging them throughout the process for their thoughts and feedback through preliminary analysis and human factors evaluations.

Usability: one of the core pillars of success

Our designs clearly differentiate your product from your competitors and we leave no stone unturned. We don't just focus on the efficiency and efficacy of your products or design, but we also evaluate the user’s emotions. We always endeavour to ensure our designs incite a positive emotional response from users. Our engineers work hard to create systems that function optimally for users, whilst also meeting regulatory, manufacturing, or quality requirements. It's what we do best.

The role of Industrial Design in Medical Device Development

Our designs will differentiate your product from your competitors. We leave no stone unturned, incorporating efficacy and emotion into our designs. Our engineers strive to create systems that optimize user functionality while meeting regulatory, manufacturing, and quality requirements. It’s what we do best.

Focused brainstorming using design wireframes

  • Concept development
  • Design language definition
  • Aesthetics
  • Brand packaging design and pre-production prototype
  • Color, materials, and finish
  • Human factors evaluations
  • Use cases

Creating Medical Device Interface Designs that users love

UX/UI often come hand in hand, and are at the forefront of the design process.

User experience (UX) was first coined by Don Norman, and describes the experience an individual has as they interact with a product. Therefore, UX consists of all aspects of the end-users interaction with your design. Our UX designers specialize in creating products that are easy for end-users to use, thereby making it a crucial part of the user-centered design process.

User interface (UI) broadly describes how a user is interacting with a product. It enables your clients to effectively use your design, programme, or software to achieve its goal. As it makes up the visuals end-users will be seeing as they use your product, it is a key skill to master to ensure you have created a user-centered design.