User Experience & User Interface Design

Group 7194

Our UX/UI development capabilities create products that are intuitive and easy to use.

Complete User Experience Design Capabilities
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Usability
  • Interaction Design
  • Human Factors
  • Visual Design

Digital and Physical User Experience Design

In a connected world, a product’s experience goes beyond simple interactions on a single device or interface. In fact, the wholistic experience is often complex – spanning time, devices, systems, mediums or even different users. A successful design must perform well in both the digital and physical dimensions, across all touch points. Consider that every piece of software must be used with at least one piece of hardware for input and output.

There must be a complimentary relationship between the hardware and software for it to be optimally usable, ideally creating an emotional connection with the user. This is even more true for connected devices and the Internet of Things. Regardless of the interface, a designer must understand the technical constraints and user tendencies with said device.

Digital and Physical User Experience Design

Team and Process

At Nectar, we are able to achieve the most powerful product experiences via cross-disciplinary collaboration and a refined process. Our User Experience Design team has achieved mastery of both 2D and 3D design, as well as the interactions a user has with a product or device. We have a deep understanding of user-centered design, which allows us to further innovate.

From the get-go, we focus on functional research and requirements gathering, which are essential for success.

The team will work intimately across all disciplines – with industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers to develop the physical aspects of a device or system; with software developers to create beautiful and functional software for these devices and/or standard interfaces like smartphones, tablets or desktop computers. The UX team is also adept at integrating and working with external teams, whether its an software manager in an agile environment or a marketing arm looking to gain insights about their users.

Team and Process
IoT Concept – Formsense mobile app that works with smart workout bars to help correct form for weight lifters.