Nectar Product Development

Releef Medical Dispenser


Background and Challenges

The Releef Initiative is a non-profit, international, pharmaceutical corporation that is focused on product development to fulfill unmet needs in the world’s under-served areas by utilizing creative partnerships with for-profit development companies to achieve its goals. One of those creative partnerships involves Nectar Product Development, which undertook the mission of developing an easy-to-use dispenser for providing accurate dosages of medicine to children in the third world.


Helping Third-World Kids Take Their Medicine in the Correct Dosage

Children in poorer countries often don’t receive the proper dosage of medicine or vitamins. To address this problem, The Releef Initiative created a tiny, coated medicinal bead, about 0.5 to 1 millimeters in diameter, which can be easily mixed with food or water and administered to children with meals. However, because of the difficulty associated with adjusting dosages specifically to a child’s age and size, the potential exists for administration of incorrect dosages, which can result in poor health outcomes.