Nectar Product Development


ProjectMix I/O Contro

Background and Challenges

Musicians and producers increasingly record more professional music at home. M-Audio wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. So, the leading music electronics manufacturer retained Nectar to develop the ProjectMix I/O Control Surface, a streamlined, easy-to-use digital studio mixer.

ProjectMix I/O Contro

Streamlining Studio Production

Development of the digital ProjectMix I/O Control Surface presented Nectar with several challenges. The mixer needed to deliver studio recording quality in a computer-based environment, seamlessly integrate with and record to all major digital audio workstation (DAW) software, provide a tactical mixing experience similar to studio controls, and create on-board displays of critical recording parameters to support intuitive operation. Because many competing units have a dizzying number of controls that are daunting to users, Nectar had to streamline ProjectMix operation to take digital recording to the next level.