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Nectar Updates: Growing Through The New Normal

Big things have been happening at Nectar! Despite the challenging times and new obstacles to work life our company is growing- in both numbers and as we learn to navigate the new normal.

Zoom has become our best friend! Nectar utilizes the Zoom Meetings tool to meet with clients and with our team. We stay connected through daily Scrum meetings where we work through tasks together and keep the entire team on track. To better connect those in our studio to clients and the remote team we have upgraded our video conferencing tools. We installed a new system in our main meeting space with improved 360-degree video and audio and voice detection. It has been exciting to advance our teleconferencing abilities and ensure that we are continuously improving communication with our clients.

Although we have adapted to the “new normal” with exciting technology, we are also eager to fully return to our home in Long Beach, especially as we are currently expanding our office space. We are adding 3 new offices, 2 meeting spaces, and an additional kitchen. In our original studio we are also expanding our project space, providing a more dedicated environment to our designers and engineers. The addition of our new space will allow us to continue to take on new projects and foster creativity and more growth for our business. We are still designing these new offices, and are excited to share it with you when we fully return to on-premise meetings.

Speaking of growth….Nectar has brought on a host of talented team members in recent weeks. We are proud to have maintained all our staff during the COVID crisis, and that we are able to create new jobs as so many currently look for employment. Our new team members span our different disciplines, from Accounting to Engineering, and Industrial Design.

Steve Wells, PhD has joined us as our Operations Director. As a Systems Engineer, he is skilled in complex solutions and organization. He has introduced a new enthusiasm about cohesion between all departments and disciplines that is reinvigorating the organization!

In addition to Steve, we have also hired a new Director of Finance, Nellie Roque. She has an extensive accounting background and will be continuing to develop our Accounting Team. Nellie states she is excited about contributing to Nectar’s growth and realization of our full potential.

Lastly, we have brought on a new Industrial Design intern as well. Brayton is a CSULB student who was introduced to Nectar at our annual student workshop. We are excited to be able to offer this hands-on learning experience and help cultivate his talents.

Nectar is very grateful for the growth that has taken place despite the current circumstances. Although our world is constantly changing, Nectar is dedicated to serving our clients and to pushing projects forward with the same speed and initiative as ever. Together, we believe in designing the best products with a tailored strategic approach to get it to market faster. If you are interested in how Nectar can help support your project, please schedule a consultation.

Nectar is hopeful that all of our contacts and their families are remaining healthy and happy!

Nectar is an award-winning design & engineering consultancy with a specialization in medical device development. We are proudly 13485 certified, we adhere to the highest industry standards. Nectar has been an industry leader in Southern California for over 25 years. Our proven user-centered design process has facilitated the successful launch of hundreds of products in the market.

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    We are an ISO 13485-certified design and engineering firm based in Southern California, specializing in the development of cutting-edge medical devices.

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