MedTech Innovation Round – Up (September 2022)

It’s that time of the month again! We bring you the latest articles revolving around MedTech and FDA updates from September.

Medical & Tech Innovations

Bionic pancreas leads to lower blood sugar levels (MEDTECHDIVE)

Alzheimer’s drug from Eisai shows promising results in clinical trials (MEDTECHDIVE)

Mastermind behind Invasalign trials AI-powered programme for home-directed treatment (FIERCEBIOTECH)

Optellum, a medtech company that provides an AI to diagnose and manage lung cancer, has raised $14 million (MED-TECHNEWS)

A power-to-gel device that can be used to stop upper-GI bleeds has been approved by the FDA (FIERCEBIOTECH)


There is no current battery technology that will get us to CA's goal of 100% electric vehicles by 2035. (VENTUREBEAT)

Tesla founder Elon Musk to deliver Starlink internet kits to 120 families in Florida affected by hurricane Ian (BUSINESSINSIDER)

Project Management

Weekly scrum meetings are the way forward for efficient business management- the advantages of scrum project management (TECHBULLION)

Sometimes, starting with the basics can make a huge difference. 5 top tips to up your project management skills (SMALLBIZTRENDS)


FDA finalizes its guidance on clinical decision support software regulation (MEDTECHDIVE)

The FDA is phasing out its expedited reviews for coronavirus diagnostics, pushing developers to follow its traditional regulatory paths to market. (FIECEBIOTECH)

The FDA proposes an updated definition of products labeled as ‘healthy’ to provide a deeper insight into nutrient content (NUTRITIONINSIGHT)


Bandit9 reveals its revolutionary new Nano e-scooter - it comes equipped with a 97km range! (GIZMOCHINA)

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