MedTech Innovation Round – Up (May 2022)

It’s graduation time, and that means a fresh wave of developers, researchers, and engineers are walking across the stage.

Congratulations to you all, especially our friends at CSULB!

In this month’s edition of the newsletter, we explore the world of tech innovation, share important articles you may have missed, and take a closer look at how Nectar can help take your next device from Science to Commercialization.

Science to Commercialization

At Nectar, we have the people, processes, & tools needed to guide your product from scientific concept through regulatory approval & commercialization.

We combine our team’s in-depth and cross-disciplinary knowledge with the principles of Design-Thinking & Human Factor Engineering — and our eQMS and ISO-certified processes help ensure your device is safe, effective, and delightful to use.

Medical & Tech Innovations

LabCorp unveils a new skin cancer test that aids physicians in treatment decisions. (MDDIONLINE)

New Medtech report eyes 25 attractive companies for potential M&A. (MDDIONLINE)

Stockholm start-up AMT AI can help diagnose melanoma with new tools. (INFORMA)

Robocath's R-One robot reduces radiation risk for cardiovascular surgery. (MDDIONLINE)

Medtronic Showcases Cusp Overlap Technique for TAVR at EuroPCR 2022. (INFORMA)

Xact Ace Robotics expands FDA clearance for Ablation procedure following COVID-19 delays. (INFORMA)

HistoSonics partners with GE on Ultrasound visualization for a new Sonic Beam liver therapy. (MDDIONLINE)


Can the T-Rex Swim? New Apple TV Prehistoric Planet documentary offers a new look at our planet’s past. (VERGE)

Newcomer Sylndr is gaining ground in Egypt’s used-car market with a record-setting, pre-seed round. (TECHCRUNCH)

Project Management

The long view isn’t enough! A look into the benefits of broad view strategies. (HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW)

Why it's now ok to take a break. Shedding the stigma of a gap on your resume. (FAST COMPANY)


Stay up to date with the latest European regulatory updates for IVDR, MDR, and more. (MEDTECH)

EU Medtech Forum 2022 highlights a need for a device agency amongst regulatory unpredictability. (MEDTECH)

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