Med-Tech Innovation Round-Up (January 2023)

Welcome back to your source for the latest in medical technology and FDA regulatory updates. As a product development and medical device company, Nectar stays at the forefront of industry advancements to bring innovative solutions to the healthcare sector. In this edition, we'll be providing you with an overview of the most important med tech and regulatory news you need to know from January 2023!

We are thrilled to announce we will be attending the MD&M West 2023 show. Not sure what MD&M is? Read on to find out more!

MD&M West encourages innovation that results in solutions – both simple and complex – by building a community of experts, engineers, and thought leaders and bringing them together every year to engineer life-saving devices. Much more than a medical technology trade show, MD&M West exists to improve lives through continuing education, sharing knowledge, and bringing opportunities to all. Join us on February 7-9 at Booth 1285 - the Nectar cannot wait to meet you!

Med/Tech Innovation

Leaders in the MedTech field weigh in on the prospects and challenges for product regulation in 2023 (MEDTECHDIVE

Researchers predict Alzheimer’s progression 3.5 years early with blood test (FIERCEBIOTECH

J&JDeep learning  leads $85 million USD investment in developing a device that delivers focused ultrasound to destory unwanted tissue and tumours in the liver without the need for surgery (MEDTECHDIVE)

Research model reveals deep learning can improve triaging of patients presenting with acute chest pain (MEDTECHDIVE)

Innovative AI tool, Sybil, predicts lung cancer risk in nonsmokers (FIERCEBIOTECH



How Bitcoin has affected blockchain tech (MEDIUM)


Project Management 

How to save time and money when choosing the perfect project management tool (FORBES)



Analysis from Abbott’s newly-FDA approved TAVI device (MEDTECHDIVE)

Proclaim XR receives green light from FDA for management of diabetic neuropathic pain (FIERCEBIOTECH)

Moderna’s RSV vaccine receives FDA breakthrough tag (FIERCEBIOTECH)

FDA lifts hold on Inhibikase’s Parkinson’s drug phase 2a trial (FIERCEBIOTECH)



How UX design services can improve customer experience (TECHBULLION)

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