Med-Tech Innovation Round-Up (February 2023)

We are thrilled to announce that the first episode of "The Product Development Playbook" podcast is finally here! Titled "Designing for Patients: The Power of User Centred Medical Device Development", this episode delves into the world of medical device development and the critical importance of user-centered design.  To listen on multiple platforms - click here!

Medical & Tech Innovations

Spinal cord stimulation shows ability to improve motor function in stroke patients (MEDTECHDIVE)

Medtronic presents insulin pump study findings at ATTD conference in Berlin (FIERCEBIOTECH)

Electricity-conducting gel forms electrodes in zebrafish (FIERCEBIOTECH)

Vortex ultrasound accelerates brain blood clot clearance in early stage tests (MEDTECHDIVE)


SambaNova’s AI paired with Fugaku supercomputer to develop digital twins (THEREGISTER)

Project Management

The future of project management as we know it (MEDIUM)


MTD group announces FDA clearance of injection needle with a fully passive mechanism that can be used for IM and SC injections (MED-TECHNEWS)

FDA grants emergency authorization to first of its kind over-the-counter COVID and flu test (FIERCEBIOTECH)

Penumbra’s mechanical thrombectomy treatment achieves FDA clearance (MED-TECHNEWS)


ChatGPT’s influence on innovations within AI UX design (MEDIUM)

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