Med-Tech Innovation Round-Up (December 2022)

Happy New Year! We hope you had an amazing Christmas filled with lots of joy and laughter. We hope you have a prosperous new year, too, and what better way to start the year off than with some articles and updates from us at Nectar?

Med/Tech Innovation

Pfizer partners up with Anuama to launch AI cardiac amyloidosis diagnostics (FIERCEBIOTECH)

Synchron raises $75 million USD towards their novel brain implant, with hopes to restore communication amongst paralyzed patients (FIERCEBIOTECH)

J&J leads $85 million USD investment in developing a device that delivers focused ultrasound to destory unwanted tissue and tumours in the liver without the need for surgery (MEDTECHDIVE)

The Gates Foundation invests in Vaxxas to support trial of needle-free Covid-19 vaccine (MEDTECHDIVE)


We all know doctors have terrible handwriting. It’s okay, though - Google set to translate hand-written doctors’ notes using AI. (FIERCEBIOTECH)

Project Management

Want to optimize your business? Check out the ultimate guide to Workflow (THEDIGITALPROJECTMANAGER)


FDA lifts yearlong partial clinical hold on Bluebird’s under-18s sickle cell trial (FIERCEBIOTECH)

Click Therapeutics receives breakthrough device status for its prescription digital migraine therapy (MEDTECHDIVE)

Love analysis and crunching numbers? Check out the FDA’s 2022 drug approvals (NATURE)


The top design trends we may see in 2023 (FORBES)

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