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MedTech Innovation Round – Up (June 2022)

June has drawn to a close, and with the end of the first half of the year comes the start of newtech innovations!

In this month’s edition of the newsletter, we delve deep into some of these innovations and share some key articles you cannot miss out on! We also discuss how Nectar can help you bring your device directly from Science to Commercialization.

Science to Commercialization

At Nectar, we have the people, processes, & tools needed to guide your product from scientific concept through regulatory approval & commercialization.

We combine our team’s in-depth and cross-disciplinary knowledge with the principles of Design-Thinking & Human Factors Engineering — and our eQMS and ISO-certified processes help ensure your device is safe, effective, and delightful to use.

Medical & Tech Innovations

Discover magazine discusses how AI could revolutionize the medical field as we know it (DISCOVER)

Seno Medical unveils new ultrasound technology that can be used as breast cancer screening tool (MDDIONLINE)

US regulatory round-up including proposed major changes to FDA cybersecurity (MEDTECH)

Advancements in IVF technology lead to the ability to screen embryos for genetic diseases (WIRED)

Learn about the latest EU changes to class D IVD products (MEDTECH)


Gas prices too high? Ziggy the robot can help, with its ability to charge your electric vehicle. (FASTCOMPANY)

Interested in coding? Techradar discusses the best programming languages right now (TECHRADAR)

Harnessing the sun’s power in the novel European nuclear fusion power reactor. (NEWSCIENTIST)

Project Management

Upscale your business! An analysis of billing methods (CHARGEBEE)

Ready to take your presentations to the next level? Microsoft have the update for you. (TECHRADAR)


Stay up to date with the latest regulatory guidelines from all over the world (MEDTECH)

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