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MedTech Innovation Round – Up (July 2022)

The team at Nectar hope you had a great July, filled with loads of celebrations! Spent too much time celebrating? No worries, we’ve got you covered! In this month’s edition of the newsletter, we share the latest articles from July you may have missed.

Science to Commercialization

At Nectar, we have the people, processes, & tools needed to guide your product from scientific concept through regulatory approval & commercialization.

We combine our team’s in-depth and cross-disciplinary knowledge with the principles of Design-Thinking & Human Factors Engineering — and our eQMS and ISO-certified processes help ensure your device is safe, effective, and delightful to use.

Medical & Tech Innovations

How Hyfe the AI could help you uncover allergies by tracking your coughing patterns (MEDTECH)

Biocircuit receives FDA clearance for new device that can revolutionize nerve damage repairs (FIERCEBIOTECH)

Medtronic’s UNiD Spine Analyser has the ability to personalise lumbar procedures for surgeons and predict post-operative outcomes for patients (MEDTECH)

Need medtech software, dental tools and N95 masks? Soon you’ll be able to find them all in one place! 3M to expand its healthcare business (MEDTECHDIVE)

Australia pledges 5.6 million USD to improve health and medical outcomes (MANMONTHLY)


Microsoft going back to normal by returning to in-person events in October 2022 with Ignite (THEVERGE)

Tech companies like Samsung and Google to invest billions in the construction of data centers (CONSTRUCTIONDIVE)

Project Management

While most businesses return to normal, the FDA has announced it plans to expand use of remote regulatory assessments (MEDTECHDIVE)


Stay up to date with the latest regulatory guidelines from all over the world (MEDTECH)

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