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MedTech Innovation Round – Up (February 2022)

It’s our favorite time of the year! We’re super excited about attending IME West in Anaheim (featured under (MD&M) below). After a down year in 2021, this will be an opportunity to meet and greet with some of the industry’s best and brightest, while continuing the fine tradition of this event.

Adding to the excitement this year is that we will be making a major announcement which we will reveal at the MD&M show! Therefore, we are extra motivated to have as many of you there as possible to be a part of the big news! Please check-in and let us know if you plan to attend, as we’d love to say hi and get together.

In addition to the show, check out a roundup of other recent developments we’ve been reading about online, including more exciting breakthroughs in the world of Diabetes Tech:


IME West, the nation’s leading advanced design and manufacturing event, will return to Anaheim this April. It will feature thousands of engineers, business leaders, disruptive companies, and innovative thinkers to address today’s most pressing challenges. The smart manufacturing sector is poised to reach nearly $590 billion in revenues by 2028. (MarTechCube)

Medical & Tech Innovations

Many big milestones are expected in the diabetes management space in 2022. In addition to the FDA-approved Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system from Senseonics, other landmark developments include the first tubeless automated insulin delivery system and an insulin pump that combines with a CGM sensor. (MDDI Online)

A new guidance explains how notified bodies must assess highest risk In vitro Diagnostics (IVDs). This is to ensure additional safety and performance guarantees can be sought. (MedTech Insight)

Medical device connectivity solutions for patient care scenarios are growing rapidly. Considering the complexity of these connectors, it’s essential to know what goes into choosing the right solution. (MDDI Online)

After raising over $100 million, digital neurotherapeutics company MindMaze plans to ramp up commercialization and expand its footprint in the US. They are also aided by a new partnership with the American Hospital Association. (Medtech Insight)

Tandem is the latest company to hit a major milestone this year in what’s becoming a “Diabetes Tech revolution,” winning the first-ever FDA-cleared smartphone app capable of initiating insulin delivery on both iOS and Android operating systems. This follows major announcements made by Insulet, Glooko, and Senseonics. (MDDI Online)

A new microscope featuring an imaging technique called “reflection matrix microscopy” now allows for high-resolution optical images of microstructures deep inside biological tissues. Prior to this, details that are multiple cell layers deep were out of reach for most microscopes. (Science Daily)


A trio of new privately-funded SpaceX missions, the largest radio galaxy ever found, some new ways astronomers plan to use the new James Webb Space Telescope, and a one-year “landversary” for Mars Perseverance top the latest science news headlines. (TechRadar)

Reusable packaging startup Returnity has raised $3.1M from investors to expand its operations. They are currently working with clients such as Walmart, where it supplies reusable bags optimized for home grocery delivery service, as it hopes to become a viable packaging alternative, where 20 billion parcels are delivered each year in the U.S. alone. (TechCrunch)

“As a startup CEO, you have three jobs: Don’t run out of money, set the direction and culture of the company and — most importantly — hire the right team.” The author provides tips, case studies, and personal experiences to hire a versatile team that can make the inevitable pivots easier. (TechCrunch)

Project Management

With companies facing poor retention and big hiring needs, the time is right for those considering a long-awaited career change. However, it’s essential to know how to leverage yourself with prospective employers to pull off the pivot. (Fast Company)


The FDA is looking for a few good contractors to guide digital modernization. The regulatory agency hopes they can help guide upgrades to its IT systems, make recommendations, and report on status updates. (MedTech)

US FDA data shows that the number of quality-related warning letters sent to device manufacturers in 2021 increased 33 percent from the prior year. The enforcement missives were also the most handed out by the agency since 2017. (MedTech)

Sensesonics projects slower than anticipated revenue projections for 2022. This is despite recent FDA approval of its long-awaited Eversense CGM (continuous glucose monitor). Consequently, it has led to disappointed Wall Street investors. Last year’s revenues of almost $14M may only increase slightly, as the company’s expenses will go primarily toward research and development. (MedTech)

Stick with us for updates on how we’re changing the world, curing diseases, relieving pain, and enhancing human life overall.

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