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Transforming Healthcare with IoT

The Internet of Things has been one of largest and most exciting emerging tech markets. Though IoT is a technology utilized by an overwhelming number of consumer products, bringing connectivity into medical devices, whether at home or in a clinical setting, requires a great deal of expertise. These new advanced  healthcare IoT applications have redefined the space of medtech devices and patient-physician interactions in countless healthcare solutions, especially in the realm of safety and security. The Medical Internet of Things deals with highly sensitive information and systems that can be critical to patient and clinician health and well-being. As one of Nectar’s primary focuses, and we pride ourselves on the ability to integrate all facets of related development from device hardware, to software engineering, and user interface design.

We help Identify design issues and challenges before they arise, saving overall product cost and reducing time to market.



Our Healthcare IoT Software Development Services

Diagnostic Data Collection and Analytics

The development of diagnostic technologies is always expanding. Today, the increased volume of data collection and improvement in accuracy is allowing healthcare providers to more effectively treat patients, and often less invasively than ever before. Nectar’s human centered approach is central to the development of healthcare IoT devices and analytic software.

Home and Teleheath Products

Nectar anticipates an explosion in products that take healthcare out of its traditional setting. Our team can tackle the development of HIIPA and FDA compliant healthcare IoT devices and software applications with user centered design completely informing every step of the way.

Healthcare Automation Solutions

Nectar has experience with the medical internet of things and increasing the level of digital intelligence across interacting devices through the use of RFID, BTE beacons, and sensor driven technologies. In hospitals this intelligence leads to increased security and safety compliance, lower care costs and improved patient outcomes.

Security and Safety Critical Development

The benefits of connectivity come with new and intimidating challenges. User safety and data security are central to the development of medical  internet of things. Nectar has experience with FDA and EU standards, holds an ISO 13485 certified QMS, and is adept in developing to 62304 standards. With a Nectar engineered device, a patient’s medical records and safety are secure.

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