Nectar Product Development

Footnote Amplified Pedalboard

Putting the Pedal to the Metal with Innovative Guitar Pedalboard

Leading instrument case and accessory manufacturer SKB Corporation has produced innovative guitar pedalboards for performers and enthusiasts for over 15 years. The company tabbed Nectar to develop the world’s first AC/DC-powered pedalboard with a built-in 5W combo amp and a 6-inch Eminence® speaker. The fully powered, fully portable 1SKB-FN-8 FootNote Pedalboard is also the very first amplified pedalboard and is like no other pedalboard on the market.


Form Must Meet Functionality

Nectar needed to turn the guitar pedalboard market on its head by developing a revolutionary product that stood out from the cluttered field. Instead of relying on the minor differentiators—such as price, power-supply capabilities, or enhanced durability—touted by competitors, Nectar needed to team with SKB to truly assess the market and capture all the critical elements for a high-performance pedalboard in a single design.

Highly Stylized, Accessible Design

Using insights gained from extensive market research and analysis, including comparisons of conceptual imagery, forms, and functionality, Nectar developed the highly stylized, accessible design for the 1SKB-FN-8 FootNote Pedalboard and took the product to the point at which it was ready for production.

The World’s First Portable, Amplified Pedalboard