Nectar Product Development


We have expertise in electrical engineering with a strong focus on efficient PCB design that minimizes the need for extra board revisions. Detailed cable design and testing ensures seamless connections and reliable power delivery performance. Our detailed design documentation exemplifies a commitment to precision and, ensures the highest level of quality in our work.

PCB Routing Design

Our expertise in designing PCBs is distinguished by a proven track record of reducing the number of board spins and consistently meeting tight project deadlines. With a deep understanding of electronic engineering principles and cutting-edge PCB design software, our team of skilled engineers ensures that each design is thoroughly scrutinized and optimized before production. By diligently considering factors like signal integrity, power distribution, and thermal management, we minimize the likelihood of design errors and the need for multiple iterations. This proficiency not only saves valuable time but also significantly lowers development costs.

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are at the core of medical technology, enabling the seamless integration of electronic components into devices used for diagnostics, treatment, and patient monitoring. Electronics engineers with experience in medical devices possess a unique skill set, combining their expertise in hardware and software design to create reliable, efficient, and secure embedded systems. Nectar has developed many successful embedded systems in the medical industry and beyond.

Renewable Energy

With an ever-growing focus on sustainable energy solutions, Nectar’s electronics engineers have solar project experience and are at the forefront of innovation. These experts are well-versed in designing, optimizing, and integrating the intricate electronic systems required to harness solar power efficiently. Their focus includes: developing solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays, ensuring maximum energy capture, and implementing sophisticated power electronics to convert and regulate the harvested energy.


With a profound understanding of modern communication technologies, our skilled team is well-equipped to design and optimize communication systems that deliver seamless connectivity and high-performance data transmission. Our proficiency extends to IoT devices, smart grids, telecommunications, and more, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that address the unique challenges of each project.

Cable Design & Documentation

Nectar has extensive experience in custom cable design and documentation, we take pride in delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients. Rigorous cable testing procedures are an integral part of our process, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality and reliability, in addition to adhering to industry standards and regulations. We meticulously prepare comprehensive documentation which includes: detailed specifications, drawings, and manufacturing instructions. This documentation ensures a seamless implementation by our partners or in-house teams.