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EcoTopia Exhibition to Highlight New Concepts in Green Product Design

EcoTopia Exhibition to Highlight New Concepts in Green Product Design

Nectar Design’s Long Beach Studio will Feature Exciting Products Geared to the Future of Sustainable Design — Exhibition Opens March 15, 2010

Long Beach, California (March 2010). Nectar, a leading Southern California product design consultancy, has selected twenty exciting and potentially trendsetting new concepts from designers at all levels to be included in EcoTopia. The juried group exhibition is set to open March 15, 2010 at Nectar’s office/studio in Long Beach. It will feature designs for new products from designers of all experience levels specifically aimed at fostering a healthy ecosystem and a more sustainable society. Concepts to be included will cover areas as diverse as electronics and home furnishings, gardening, and fashion.

A few of the designs to be highlighted at the show include:

The Voltpot which utilizes technology yielding electric power from soil to make for fun, fashionable furniture that can recharge cell phones and other light appliances.

— An easy-to-use cardboard composting box that is, itself, compostable.

— A user-friendly and fashion conscious reinvention of the classic clothes-pin to encourage eco-friendly line-drying.

— From Kenya, haute couture style-fashions made entirely from recycled parachutes and dead wood; from Philadelphia, pet raincoats and hoods for humans made using umbrellas rescued from Philly city streets.”

“Although we expected to receive some very good ideas, we are delighted with the quality and level of innovation that we’ve seen in the EcoTopia submissions,” said Nectar Senior Designer Yutaka Kazamaki. Kazamaki, who has been spearheading EcoTopia from its inception. “The range of concepts is very exciting, as is the fact that these creations come to us from designers not only from California and throughout the United States, but from countries all over the world,? Mr. Kazamaki said. ?We think that underlines the fact that both good design and sustainability are now truly global matters. We at Nectar are very happy to be a part of that.?

A complete list of all twenty concepts, with links to images and more information on each product to be featured at EcoTopia is attached. Further information is available at the Nectar EcoTopia web page. All images there may be downloaded via Flicker. Higher resolution images are available upon request.

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