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Our extensive research services feed award-winning product designs.

Innovation Begins with Research! Innovation requires knowledge—not only about a product’s intended purpose but also about who will use it and how. Realizing innovation demands that form, fit, and function are inextricably tied to and derived from a thorough understanding of the end user and his or her specific environment. In short, innovation begins with research. As a User Research Company, Nectar can assist you with this vital process.

Contextual Research • Human Factors • Focus Groups • Market Research • User Testing • Formative & Summative Usability Studies

Nectar’s contextual research services provide a critical link between client ideas and innovative, winning products. In many ways, realizing innovation in product development is more than a process. It’s a journey that begins with immersing ourselves, as a User Research Company, in the user perspective. From there, we can design, engineer, and manufacture products that customers want, need, and buy.

Products that Connect with Users

To create products that drive customers to buy, we first must become intimately familiar with who the customers are, how they think, and what they need. We learn this through quantitative and qualitative research, human factor and configuration studies, and field surveys and trend assessments.

Nectar utilizes a variety of qualitative research tools—such as ethnographic observation, storyboards, user persona development, task analysis, user interviews, and focus groups—to discover opportunities for innovation.

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Designing innovative products requires a keen focus on how customers will interact with a product and a thorough understanding of how the user experience can boost interest, demand, and sales.Our research methods embrace user-centered design and design thinking principles. We communicate our findings in meaningful ways for all of our disciplines and clients, ultimately delivering exceptional products.


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