Nectar Product Development

Collapsible Photobooth product

Collapsible Photobooth

Background and Challenges

Nectar was challenged with creating a mobile photobooth that could collapse into a suitcase for easy transportation. The product had to be eye-catching, simple to set up, and it had to be able to take great photos. Photobooth Supply Co had successfully developed a larger, semi-collapsible photobooth. This worked for many applications, but they wanted to reach new markets. They approached Nectar because they needed to develop a product in a new space, and it had to be perfect.


Understanding the user

Getting into the mindset of a photographer was the first step. Nectar looked at several quick-assembly methods, tested them with users, and determined which options worked the best. Nectar learned very quickly that a big challenge with this project would be keeping the photobooth stable. It needed to be durable, but not clunky. Another key area of focus was the use interface. Nectar needed to offer a seamless experience of setting up the physical product and then interacting with the digital display. Users needed a quick method to set up the photobooth, and an easy method to take pictures.

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