Nectar & Smardii At CES 2020, It's A Wrap

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been the proving ground for breakthrough consumer technologies for 50 years where the world's leading innovators introduce their newest products to the marketplace. Hundreds of amazing new gadgets were showcased this year at CES 2020, not the least of which was the Smardii Smart Diaper developed by Nectar for our client Smardii.

Technology is our passion and we are dedicated to keeping our team current with the newest innovations and breakthrough technologies making their way into the marketplace. It is for this reason that Nectar is a regular attendee at CES every year...not to mention, our team loves all of the great contacts, partnerships, and friendships they're able to develop with like-minded tech aficionados while there.

This year, Nectar was especially proud to join with Smardii at CES in introducing the Smart Diaper to the world. The Smardii Smart Diaper is poised to disrupt both the elder care and day care markets by enabling caregivers to provide higher levels of preventative care and reducing healthcare costs in the process. The simply attaches to a disposable adult brief or diaper and has builtin sensors which detect in real-time changes in conditions and health information then sends instant alerts to caregivers. 

Smardii came to Nectar with their product idea of a smart sensing diaper. The client needed advisory on the regulatory pathway for getting to market with a manufacturable product. The Nectar team provided extensive research and development (R&D), developed a regulatory strategy, full product development, and path to market plan, and delivered the Smardii Smart Diaper to demonstrate at CES 2020.


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