A Guide to Integrated Product Development Teams

Product development is more advanced than ever. In a growing digital world, product development rarely requires only one discipline to complete a full- functioning product. Project Managers must make informed decisions when selecting the best firms to help their products come to life and be successful. Choosing the right team for the project is key.

An integrated product team (IPT) consists of technical team members that represent all discipline specific functions needed to create a product. This typically includes managers, engineers, designers, and user- experience professionals. IPT’s manage more complex and long- term projects with ease. These collaborative teams have the following benefits:

  • Enforcing Modernization and Technology
  • Minimizing Costs
  • Reducing Risk of Product Failure
  • Favoring Quality and Innovation
  • Democratizing Development

Nectar Product Development embodies the attributes of a successful IPT. As an integrated product development team, Nectar unites design and engineering to create a harmonious working relationship across disciplines, which translates to intuitive products. In the article below, learn how Nectar’s CEO, Darren Saravis, followed a framework to organize Nectar’s IPT model.

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