A Fresh Brand Image to Energize Medical Device Product Development


As Nectar celebrates its 25th anniversary, we gave ourselves the gift of a brand face-life. A new brand image has rejuvenated and focused our company’s values and vision. We wanted to honor our past and fuel our future. The result was a brand identity that united a product development team and created a seamless experience for our clients. 

Rebranding is more than a new logo, it tells a story. It’s about helping a company and its customers make the switch gradually and confidently. Nectar is demonstrating how it aligns with the very same values it presents to its customers every day. Nectar’s brand is making sure pride, quality, and innovation are instilled in every aspect of the business.      

Loving What Nectar Represents

Nectar’s team is comprised of passionate, intelligent, and talented people. The Nectar brand was tailored to their energetic and innovative influence. A holistic view of Nectar’s values helped craft the new identity. By honoring evolution, creativity, voices, and workplace presentation, Nectar is encouraging the team to express their individuality. Client connection, cross functional support, and treating everyone like a customer has empowered a result driven team. Collectively, Nectar strives to lead product development under a cohesive brand identity.

Nectar’s Brand Evolution 

During Nectar’s conception, the firm was product design focused. Nectar Design was the energy source to product development design, just as nectar pollen is transported by bees to harvest a garden. The design centered firm positioned the brand as a simple and clean identity. As Nectar grew, it obtained expertise in end to end product development. Now, with design and engineering departments, Nectar unites to bring its customers the full product development service. Nectar needed a fresh brand identity to encompass the growing team and new services. The design and engineering experts at Nectar have adopted the brand personality of quality, pride, and individuality, which represents the team. 

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