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Nectar’s Turnkey Design Services: Unlock your Solution

With today’s modern tech world customers are constantly looking for the company that provides the most efficient, but also high-quality solutions to help develop their products and get them to market faster than their competitors. This is why many


Meet our newest fearless leader, Steve wells! He has joined the team as our new Director of Operations, bringing with him a new depth of expertise for the Nectar Development team. A self-proclaimed “sensor guy,” Steve has been managing state-side

Nectar Updates: Growing Through The New Normal

Big things have been happening at Nectar! Despite the challenging times and new obstacles to work life our company is growing- in both numbers and as we learn to navigate the new normal. Zoom has become our best friend! Nectar utilizes the Zoom

Pushing Projects Forward With User Interface Design

Nectar’ s interaction with clinicians guided the development of the ventilator face. Using manual controls reflected the urgency of demand for this product. It was clear from speaking with the end users how critically they need this device in the

Design Thinking: The Key Factor In Nectar’s Medical Device Development

Made famous by the Stanford d.school, design thinking is a methodology that centers on users for problem solving. It is classically described by these steps: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Design Thinking can be applied to the