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Advancements Are Happening Every Day Throughout The World Of Med-Tech (Nectar News Brief Dec. 2021)

Whether it’s connecting on a deeper level with a target market or new ways to expedite change, advancements in efficiencies are happening every day throughout the world of med-tech.

Below, you’ll find a roundup of recent developments we’ve been reading about online which highlight those areas and more:

Medtech Innovation

On Demand is in demand. Cue Health is the latest to join the ranks of the subscription-based health platform service, offering members “24/7 on-demand access to board certified physicians, e-prescription services, CDC-compliant test results for travel through in-app video proctoring, and same-day delivery.” (MDDI Online)

Renewed hope. Renewable energy may be the future of power, but so much is being done presently to get us there. Malta CEO Ramya Swaminathan discusses a range of technologies currently being developed as well as why an energy storage system is such a crucial part of the process. (Harvard Business Review)

Do you believe in “magic?” The most promising results yet were announced regarding the medicinal use of psilocybin to treat depression. It was the largest clinical trial to date for the psychedelic drug found in Magic Mushrooms. (New Scientist)

Help me help you. Dramatic changes in the customer landscape have forced medical device companies to take a second look at their market research strategy and ask better questions. (MedCity News)

Decisions, decisions. As the use and range of AI tools continue to rise, so does the complexity of what they decide to do. Enter the term “micro-decisions.” This requires an added level of automation enabled by algorithms, which consists of the rules, predictions, constraints, logic that go into micro-decision making. (Harvard Business Review)

Azure thing. Grafana Labs has joined forces with Microsoft to create a version that runs natively on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Grafana, an open source platform helps businesses unify disparate pools of data into a single platform, recently worked with Amazon.

The art of science. Award-winning visual artist Fatinha Ramos discusses her storied career in science illustration, and the unique craft and research that go into finding the “emotional chord” in her work. (Scientific American)

Project Management

Trendspotting. Most startups miss the boat on being innovative or disruptive. Some tips here on how to “see around the next corner” include building a collaborative team, acting quickly on the seedling of an idea, embracing failures, and being purpose driven. (Inc)


Guidance counsel. A new US FDA guidance provides recommendations for premarket submission content as it pertains to medical device software. It “distinguishes between software in a medical device (SiMD), which controls hardware devices or is part of such hardware, and software as a medical device (SaMD), which functions as a device on its own.” (Emergo)

Take home test. FDA has updated its template for home COVID tests. The most recent update is “intended to help test makers provide validation data and other information to the agency for developing at-home diagnostic tests.”

Until the next medical technology updates!

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